Create marketing plans to sell more products to grow your consumer or product based brand.

If you have an e-commerce brand grab the Profitable Marketing Playbook to unlock top marketing secrets to attract customers that spend more.

The Profitable Marketing Playbook will teach you the...

✔ #1 Reason why major and indie product businesses continue to win online  

✔ Action steps you need to take to create profitable marketing plan & campaigns

✔ EXACT framework you need to use in order to grow your brand’s visibility and sales

✔ Reason your marketing doesn’t work and where to spend MOST of your time

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    I increased my revenue 350%...I have been able to create an efficient social media marketing strategy an email funneling system as well as gain a better understanding of the administrative side of business...This program is truly invaluable."

    ...I’ve made $2,400 so far in sales...I feel like I finally have the perfect brand story...I’m so clear on it now! This was the right decision...I would easily pay double what I did for the program. It’s incredible!...Thank you so much Tara"

    "Using Tara's pre-launch advice, I had so much buzz…I basically hit my 100 product goal sold during launch week. I loved how she broke it down step by step and helped me in crafting my narrative."

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